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Church Fundraising

Looking for youth group fundraiser ideas? Check out lots of ideas and resources below to help with your youth group fundraising needs.
You can learn a lot in a decade, and there's much to be learned about successful fundraising. Tune in here to find out how you can make this task less daunting.
By Jen Bradbury
While not most youth workers' favorite aspect, fundraising doesn't have to be completely awful either.
By Marcus J. Carlson
Fundraising, especially youth ministry fundraising in a local church, can be a source of tension and frustration for all involved. Most youth workers dread this part of the job and engage with it as a necessary evil rather...
By Marcus J. Carlson
I sit at my desk staring at the calendar, trying to map out how I am going to help our students pay for another summer mission trip. For months we plan, work, advertise and encourage (Sometimes we use guilt...) our congregation...
By Bryan Dupuis
Short-term mission donations are hard to come by these days. Participants need to be more creative in finding income to support the mission to which God has called them. Fundraisers can be a helpful supplement to donor income,...
By David Bosworth
As church budgets shrink, there is a temptation to throw a bake sale or have a bike-a-thon so that we can bring back some of the events/programs we had to cut, but one simple truth keeps us from doing that...
By Luke Trouten
Fundraising, that dirty little word. Through the years, I have heard from many new youth workers, “My church told me, ‘Oh, don’t worry. You never will need to fundraise. We fully fund our ministries.’ What they mean is, ‘You...
By Joshua Gill
Veteran youth worker Kelly Soifer says, "I have three operating premises when needing to raise funds for youth ministry"...
By Kelly Soifer
Looking for a cool way to raise funds for your youth group? Have some fun with this. Put on a gray pin stripe suit and look the Wall Street image. Explain to your congregation that you are having a stockholder’s meeting....
By Craig Lewis
Here's a list to help you on your journey through the hectic world of fundraising.
By Hannah Davis
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