Helping Parents Reclaim Beauty

I have three amazing children. I never knew how scary the world could be until I became a parent. When I was single or just married, the world was my playground and I had free reign in it. But something happens...

8 Ideas for Leading the Next Generation

Any leader working with the youth of America can attest to the fact this generation is different than all others before it. Today's youth speak in a language we don't always understand, run circles around us wi...

Dating in the Digital Culture

As youth leaders we know that social media is a powerful tool and can be used for lots of good—and the not so good. In this device-driven culture, students are often tempted to pre-judge the character of a person before having really spent any significant time interacting with that person.

Five Ways to Save a Girl

Chloe* was one of the pillars of youth group USA; the kind of girl who draws you in and makes you actually glad to work more hours for less pay than 99 percent of your co-workers. Chloe rarely missed Wednesda...

Hacking Teen Behavior

    Teens are from another planet. That would certainly explain why perfectly normal kids suddenly turn into sullen, moody teens when they hit a certain age. Or why parents wonder in amazement w...

Body Image Pressures

"Daddy, will people make fun of me?" I didn't expect that question to come out of the mouth of my oldest child when she was 5 years old and one day away from heading off to her first day of kindergarten. ...

Culture Snapshot

Check out these culture snapshots pulled from the pages of YouthWorker Journal.  Teens Smoking Less (But They Still Text a Lot) There was a bevy of good news in the new National Youth Risk Behavior Surve...

Navigating the Worldview Tug-Of-War

When I told some of my friends that I would be attending a meeting of the Society of Christian Philosophers at Westmont College, their responses fell into three basic categories: • Horror: "What? Why? That ...