Be Lazy

I have a weird piece of advice for you. Be lazy. Okay - of course I don’t mean like legit lazy. There are 10% of you that might actually be lazy, and you people need to get off your butts and get to work. ...

The Wilderness of Delays

We’ve all experienced times of s-l-o-w-n-e-s-s. The Scriptures uses a particular language, terms that are deemed necessary during times of delays. Waiting.

Parenting Like A Pastor

    As a youth worker for the past twenty-five years I feel like I’ve seen it all. Well, almost. And what I haven't seen I’ve experienced first hand as the son of two youth workers. The sadd...

Making Space

Recently, a pastor friend of mine read for me Judy Brown’s poem “Fire.” Brown does a masterful job of capturing what our job as youth ministers should be: making space for God to do His work. She uses th...

Reclaiming Fatherhood

Remind fathers that the fun times that they spend with their children and other youth in the church are formational and valuable.

My Kobayashi Maru

In ministry, everything does not always go the way we would like. Sometimes things break down and go so wrong, and we can’t fix them. I recently was on a trip that bombed, and I don’t handle failure well. A...

Harnessing Accountability

As an 18-year-old freshman in college, I learned to rock climb.   Steve was the experienced climber with all the equipment. Brad and I were the cocky friends who were ecstatic to learn the ropes of cli...