Mini Movies

Videos for Youth Ministry, Movies for Youth Groups, Worship Intros

  • $18.00

    work in progress
    James Grocho

    We are all a work in progress and our fears and failures have not won. God has made us a new creation in Him. Let us go out and show the world what Jesus can do through us.

  • $20.00

    a greater need
    James Grocho

    This inspirational film shows the struggle of every day people trying to look for fulfillment in the wrong places. It describes what Jesus did for us and inspires the viewer to want to know more about him. This video is perfect for an Easter opener.

  • $19.98

    worship him
    Hyper Pixels Media

    So many of us walk into a worship service completely distracted by the things that life throws our way. It’s imperative that we remind our people “why” we are at church and we remove the focus from ourselves and turn our full attention toward God. The music and message of this worship intro will help prepare your church to worship in spirit and in truth. Encourage your congregation to Worship Him!

  • $19.98

    a psalm of worship
    Centerline New Media

    Come let us sing for joy to the Lord our Maker. Psalm 95 is set to beautiful images of creation and energetic music, making this a perfect intro for a time of worship.

  • $25.00

    living water
    Pixel Preacher

    We often take for granted the necessity of having a constant thirst for Jesus' love. Being thirsty for God seems easy, but often because of sin, we don't recognize the need for reconciliation. Often we turn to satisfy it in wrong ways, but Jesus still extends the invitation for you to satisfy your thirst through him. This stunning opener is to set the tone for a powerful reminder on how the church and it's members should turn to flowing Living waters of Jesus. Use as an opener for worship or before a teaching.

  • $20.00

    Dan Stevers

    A blend of old and new, this call to worship combines traditional language with stirring music and visuals to prepare hearts and minds for worship. Designed to work well with standard and triple wide screens. See Color Bloom for matching motions.

  • $19.00

    made for something great
    James Grocho

    An inspirational film explaining that we were created for a purpose and that God has a specific plan for our lives. And if we let go and allow Jesus to lead, He will show us how to walk by faith and not by sight. Our paths will be made straight and He will lead us to a life of trust, into the great unknown.

    Script and Narration by Beacon Light:

  • $19.99

    Freebridge Media

    Everywhere we go, we are surrounded by people. People who were created by God. People made with a purpose. People made in the image of our Heavenly Father. Yet most of them don’t know Jesus. We walk through life with this wonderful gift of Salvation, but do we share it with those around us? People matter to God. The question is, do they matter to you?

  • $19.99

    skit guys talk camp rules
    Skit Guys Studios

    If you follow this one rule…just one little rule…everyone will have a great camp experience. Let the Skit Guys lay down this rule with your group: great for camps, retreats, lock-ins, pretty much any time you want to have a great time with your group.

  • $15.00

    an atheist finds answers

    This former atheist shares her testimony about how she came to the realization of Christ.

  • $20.00

    sacrificial giving
    Adoption Media

    The goal of this mini-movie is to remind us of what God is really interested in when we give. It opens up the passage in Mark 12 where Jesus explains the sacrificial giving of the poor widow.....

  • $15.00

    i have overcome the world
    Motion Worship

    This short film depicts the anxiety and hurry of life with motion time lapse footage of people and traffic in a variety of settings. We hear the voice of God, who sees his children in their stressful and busy lives. Halfway through, everything slows down, and we hear constant scripture verses (Psalms, Proverbs, Colossians, Romans) about God's provision, protection, and love, with a call to be still and depend on him. The film's title and ending are based on John 16.

  • $19.99

    step out
    Second Look Films

    Fear can be a real bummer. If we're always afraid of what's "out there" we'll never step out and live the lives God wants for us! This humorous sketch features a paranoid dad and his frustrated daughter as they begin a weekend camping getaway. As the daughter reminds him, "it's hard to live your life if you never get out of the car!"

  • $12.00

    fools gold
    twelve:thirty media

    In a culture that is bankrupt on wisdom, we must do the hard work of digging deep for the truth of God. Perfect to use as a service opener, sermon bumper or transitional element in your worship services.

  • $18.98

    a father's strength
    Floodgate Productions

    The strength of a Father is seen in his open arms. Offer the dads in your church a blessing for them to openly receive.