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  • $19.00

    made for something great
    James Grocho

    An inspirational film explaining that we were created for a purpose and that God has a specific plan for our lives. And if we let go and allow Jesus to lead, He will show us how to walk by faith and not by sight. Our paths will be made straight and He will lead us to a life of trust, into the great unknown.

    Script and Narration by Beacon Light:

  • $19.98

    Hyper Pixels Media

    Before someone arrives at your worship service, their attention is pulled in many different directions. Between getting ready for church, feeding the dog, getting the kids ready, and fighting with traffic, most people walk into the church service frazzled and in a daze, just trying to catch their breath. This upbeat worship intro (service opener) will redirect your church’s attention away from life’s distractions and help them focus on worshipping God. Help your congregation to worship with all their heart, all their mind, and all their strength.

  • $15.00

    only one worship intro
    Motion Worship

    This epic worship introduction mini-movie is essentially a song of praise for our awesome God. It features a massive variety of stylish abstract artwork, bold titles declaring God's attributes and love, all timed to a modern dubstep soundtrack. A powerful way to create energy for any service, sermon or event!

  • $19.99

    creator of all
    Journey Box Media

    This worship opener encourages believers to lift their voices and join with a song that has been sung throughout the ages, a song of praise to the Creator of all.

  • $19.99

    this is jesus
    Freebridge Media

    Today we worship the King of Kings…our Savior, our Lord, our Redeemer. Today we worship the one who changed our eternity and replaced our guilt with grace. Today we worship Jesus!

  • $8.40 $12.00

    epic worship opener
    Life Scribe Media

    Powerful Service Opener inspiring to reach the world for Christ.

  • $18.00

    The Veracity Project

    The Social Network movement has exploded. The stats are overwhelming. But, when all is said and done, are we really more connected, or are we losing the connection to what matters most?

  • $14.00

    check this out: pain
    The Veracity Project

    Pain and suffering in a world created by a good and loving God are difficult issues for some people to accept.

  • $18.00

    check this out- fossils
    The Veracity Project

    Is the fossil record "evidence" of evolution, or does a worldwide flood best explain it? Does evidence "speak for itself" or is it interpreted by people with different worldviews?

  • $15.00

    who is jesus

    "Who is Jesus to you?” Maybe this is the wrong question. Maybe we should be asking, “Who is Jesus?” The Bible is more than capable at supplying the answer.

  • $9.98

    faith on a wire
    Dan Stevers

    A story about a tightrope walker and simple question, “Do you really believe?” A classic illustration about the difference between belief and faith.

  • $15.00

    who would you choose?
    Blue Ridge Community Church

    It's difficult not to laugh as these kids talk about who they would choose. It's a great way to humorously open up the idea of how and why we make decisions.

  • $18.00

    let us worship
    Remedy Media

    Sometimes we need to be reminded why we worship.  This video uses language found in powerful scriptures to give congregants a fresh reminder as to why we worship. Use this encouraging video intro to call your congregation to worship this Sunday.  

  • $19.99

    poop brownies
    Skit Guys Studios

    Sometimes in order for us to get the message, it takes a very vivid object lesson. In this mini-movie, a dad’s secret brownie recipe demonstrates to his son that while everything is permissible, not everything is beneficial.

  • $19.99

    who i am in christ
    Freebridge Media

    How often do we forget our identity in Christ? In moments of weakness do we forget where our strength comes from? When we feel alone do we forget we are loved beyond measure? As Christians, we are new creatures! Sin and death no longer enslave us. We have gone from bound to free, death to life…forgotten to forgiven!