Talking About: The Super Bowl

By Steve Case | December 14 2011

How many different animal-themed teams can you name? (Bears, Lions, Bengals, Ravens, Colts, Jaguars, Panthers, Falcons, Dolphins, Eagles, Cardinals, Broncos, Sea Hawks, Rams…)

Where to find these teams in Scripture:

Bears: 2 Kings 2:24

Lions: Psalm 57:4

Bengals: Proverb 26:13

Ravens: Luke 12:24

Colts: Mark 11:2

Dolphins: Exodus 25:14

Rams: Psalm 114:4

Hawk: Jeremiah 12:9

Pick two of these teams and talk about a battle between the actual animals...not the teams. Example: Bears and Lions, Jaguars and Panthers, Dolphins and Rams. What does the team mascot say about the team?

Why do you suppose Jesus referred to Himself as the lamb?

Super Bowl Sunday is the second largest food-consumption holiday in the country. The first is Thanksgiving. What is on your Super Bowl Sunday table? Jesus celebrated the Passover Feast. He was eating with his friends at Passover when He was arrested. If you knew your end was coming, would you want to go out right with friends? Explain.

The Super Bowl trophy is one of the most well-known trophy icons ever (perhaps only bested by Hockey's Stanley Cup). Using paper and markers (or raid the craft cabinet) design a trophy that would be awarded to your church. For what should your church be recognized? How should the trophy be designed? How do you win one? Who else is the competition?

Perhaps the closest thing to a competition of this scope in 1 Kings 18. When you read the story, picture a stadium filled with screaming fans. Write a "lets-get-ready-to-rumble" introduction for both Elijah and the queen's wise men.

Do you think God picks sides in the Super Bowl? Is the winning team blessed by God, or did the players simply perform better? Why do so many teams and players thank God for the victory?

The Super Bowl is one of the most expensive programs on which to buy airtime for advertisers. What is your favorite Super Bowl commercial ever? Imagine you had an unlimited budget and could create a commercial for your church. What would it include?

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