You will need seven stones or shoes or other small objects.

Divide kids into 4 equal groups, with one group in each corner of the room. Draw a square around each team. Place the seven objects in the middle of the room, with a square drawn round them.  Number the team members from one to whatever. Call out a number (one for example) and the four people numbered one then run out of their space and grab an object from the center, runs back to their team square and places the object in their square. Once their object is placed, team members can run out of their square again and grab another object. This continues until all of the objects have been brought back to their team square.

The team with three or more in their team square gains 1 point.

The game now moves into phase two where the teams now go get an object from another teams square when the number is called. So number 2 is called, all number 2’s run to another team square and attempt grab an object from another teams square. Other team members can either defend their pirate booty, or they can search for more pirate treasure.  After time is up, award the team with the most treasure.

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