Basic: Fear God
By Francis Chan and Flannel Productions
David C. Cook, 2010, 10 min., $14.99

Fans of Rob Bell’s Nooma videos will appreciate this new 7-part series by the same production company. This time, it’s Francis Chan’s turn to share his thoughts and challenge on what it means to fear God. Chan hits the mark, pressing out thoughts that are bathed in Scripture and practical application.

The only limitation to this video is the disturbing visual metaphor that transitions in and out while Francis speaks. A girl lies on a bed in a flooding room, seemingly helpless to what she is about to experience. If there were a version of the DVD with just Francis Chan speaking, this would really be a homerun. As it is, the overall presentation is a base hit.

The content is solid. Chan says, “The fear of the Lord appears hundreds of times in Scripture. It doesn’t mean mere respect—it sure looks like fear to me; and when people came in contact with this God, it sure appears afterward that they were terrified of this God.”

This type of media could be a good discussion starter for a small group, or useful for a ministry night when you want solid teaching in a short format.

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