The Boomerang Project, a company that trains educators to facilitate peer mentoring in schools using leadership and group development methodologies, is pleased to offer anti-bullying tips for students, parents and educators.

The Boomerang Project‘s co-founder, Mary Beth Campbell, has gathered anti-bullying tips to help students keep the importance of a bully-free community in mind even when they are out of the school environment. If a student finds him or herself witnessing an incident of bullying this summer, here are eight things to consider:

1) Be an upstander in the situation, not a bystander.
2) Be brave enough not to worry about what people are going to say or think about you afterward.
3) Consider the bigger picture of what it means for the victim and what it says to those around you if you stick up for someone.
4) Think about how it would feel if someone defended you.
5) You have the right to stop it.
6) Don’t put yourself in a dangerous position, and don’t ignore the situation; get help from others if you need it.
7) If a situation feels wrong, it probably is.
8) When in doubt, be nice.

The Boomerang Project, located in Santa Cruz, Calif., is an educational consulting company focusing on creating a positive school climate and enhancing student success through orientation, transition and leadership programs. The programs, Link Crew and WEB, have been successfully transforming schools since 1991.

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