Mini Movies

Videos for Youth Ministry, Movies for Youth Groups, Worship Intros

  • $12.00

    incoming transmission
    twelve:thirty media

    God is always pursuing and reaching out to us. His message is simple. We are loved. Perfect to use as a service opener, sermon bumper or transitional element in your worship services.

  • $15.00

    change the room
    Ryan Emerick Media

    As Christ-followers, the Bible challenges us not to be changed by our environments, but to change every environment. A great opener for a message or small group discussion on relationships, holiness, or evangelism.

  • $15.00

    only one worship intro
    Motion Worship

    This epic worship introduction mini-movie is essentially a song of praise for our awesome God. It features a massive variety of stylish abstract artwork, bold titles declaring God's attributes and love, all timed to a modern dubstep soundtrack. A powerful way to create energy for any service, sermon or event!

  • $12.00

    the kingdom
    twelve:thirty media

    Too many people live their lives day to day focused on an earthly kingdom. We were not made for this world; we were made for the Kingdom of God. Perfect to use as a service opener, sermon bumper or transitional element in your worship services.

  • $15.00

    seek first his kingdom - worship intro
    Pink Goose Media

    This is a great worship intro to begin your service to make guests feel at home. It is time to focus our hearts on His and seek first His kingdom.

  • $10.00

    smooth moves
    Digital Felt Productions

    Crazy, bizarre dance game that is completely silly and off the wall. See if you can mimic the host's really bad dance moves. (and brace yourself for the free style dance!) Game has 5 questions.

  • $13.49 $17.98

    father's day request
    Shift Worship

    This brief mini movie expresses appreciation for dads while also asking a Father's Day favor: "Would you pray for us?"

  • $19.98

    a fathers day rhythmic ditty
    Hyper Pixels Media

    Looking for something different this Father's Day? This upbeat hip-hop rhyme will honor and encourage the Dads in your church.

  • $18.98

    they'll never stop looking to you
    Floodgate Productions

    One of the most important roles of a Father is leaving a legacy. Their children will never stop looking to them for that guidance. And the greatest legacy of all is passed on when dads look to their Heavenly Father to guide their family.

  • $19.98

    dad fuel
    Motion Worship

    This hilarious, epic Father's Day video is a fake commercial for Dad Fuel, the energy drink designed "Just for Dads." It features a thumping soundtrack, powerful voiceover, animated 3D graphics, and visuals of two athletic Dads working out along with one Dad just living everyday life! Perfect for celebrating fathers of all kinds. Happy Father's Day!

  • $14.99

    what you do matters - father's day
    Worship Together

    This Father’s Day, honor the fathers in your church and community with a video from our mini movie series, What You Do Matters. This inspiring video illuminates to the importance of godly men and challenges them to continually invest in their relationships with both God and family. This mini movie is perfect as an opener, offertory, or any moment of recognition for the special dads in your life.

  • $19.99

    dad, you've shown me jesus
    Freebridge Media

    Today, we say “Thank You” to our Dads. They’ve picked us up, when we’ve fallen. Held us when we were scared and loved us, even when we let them down. Most of all, we thank them for being an example and showing us Jesus in their lives. Happy Father’s Day Dads!

  • $19.99

    a special father's day
    Remedy Media

    Honor the Father’s in your congregation with the bright and uplifting Father’s Day Mini Movie. This mini movie does not only honor the natural father’s present in the service, but it also honors our Heavenly Father, showing that He is always present with each one of us. Enjoy!

  • $20.00

    dad-vice: a father's day video
    Igniter Media

    *UPDATED LOOK for 2018* There's more to being a dad than mini vans, socks with sandals, and bad jokes. Use this mini movie to encourage the dads striving to be the best dad they can be, and to challenge them to keep up the good work.

  • $19.99

    super dads
    Skit Guys Studios

    With an infinite number of superheroes in the world, one team rises above the rest: dads! To their kids, even the smallest things dads do can seem heroic and amazing. This Father’s Day mini movie reveals the power dads have to influence their kids’ lives.