Mini Movies

Videos for Youth Ministry, Movies for Youth Groups, Worship Intros

  • $12.00

    incoming transmission
    twelve:thirty media

    God is always pursuing and reaching out to us. His message is simple. We are loved. Perfect to use as a service opener, sermon bumper or transitional element in your worship services.

  • $19.99

    defining love
    Freebridge Media

    What is love? Is it a feeling or experience? Is it emotional or physical? How do you define it? Scripture gives us the perfect definition of love. Take a look at the biblical roadmap for loving as Jesus loved.

  • $15.00

    love never fails
    Motion Worship

    This powerful mini-movie uses 1 Corinthians 13: 4-8 to describe love, with short scenes depicting each aspect of the verse (love is patient, love is kind, etc). It combines funny / humorous vignettes with poignant moments in rising emotion with an inspiring soundtrack. Perfect for Valentine’s Day or any time of year!

  • $18.00

    let us worship
    Remedy Media

    Sometimes we need to be reminded why we worship.  This video uses language found in powerful scriptures to give congregants a fresh reminder as to why we worship. Use this encouraging video intro to call your congregation to worship this Sunday.  

  • $19.99

    poop brownies
    Skit Guys Studios

    Sometimes in order for us to get the message, it takes a very vivid object lesson. In this mini-movie, a dad’s secret brownie recipe demonstrates to his son that while everything is permissible, not everything is beneficial.

  • $12.00

    twelve:thirty media

    Everyone wants to be known. Many people use social media to present themselves different than they really are. Though we can try and fool others, we cannot fool God. He knows us inside and out. Perfect to use as a service opener, sermon bumper or transitional element in your worship services.

  • $18.00

    Adoption Media

    In a world of social media with Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram; following is the new thing to do. But following Jesus is more than this superficial connecting that we hide behind. To follow Jesus is a lifelong journey. Use this thought provoking mini-movie as a sermon starter or intro to get people thinking about what they follow and how following Jesus may be different. It is a great reminder of how our perception of following needs to match the Biblical definition and not the worlds.

  • $18.98

    Floodgate Productions

    We all carry stuff - some good, some not so good. And when we come to church, it’s easy to leave our stuff in the parking lot, then walk into the church building with a smile, as if our stuff doesn’t really exist. But what if the invitation from Christ is something different, and what if your church can communicate that invitation with clarity and inspiration?

  • $29.00

    prodigal: a father's love (extended version)
    Journey Box Media

    Adapted from “What’s So Amazing About Grace?” (© 1997) by popular Christian author Philip Yancey, Prodigal is a relatable telling of the well-known parable used by Jesus to show us who God is and how God loves. In this picture of extravagant grace, we learn that there is no catch to this promise, no loophole to exclude us from Love. Featuring music from up and coming artist Sara Jackson-Holman, we believe Prodigal is the film your community will be talking about.

  • $19.99

    let's talk about sex
    Skit Guys Studios

    What is it about the word “sex” that can make people feel uncomfortable? It’s a topic that’s too often avoided in the Church, but there are plenty of reasons to have the conversation—starting with the fact that sex was God’s idea in the first place. In this mini-movie, Tommy and Eddie set up the conversation, helping to minimize the giggles and awkwardness that sometimes accompanies “the sex talk.” Great as an intro for a youth ministry lesson or discussion.

  • $19.99

    vending machine prayer
    Second Look Films

    Sometimes we treat God like a cosmic vending machine; we pray expecting Him to give us all our wishes and desires. When He doesn't… things can get ugly! This humorous video is a great illustration for the topic of prayer and our relationship to God.

  • $19.98

    lent (a season of reflection)
    Centerline New Media

    This mini-movie explores the reasons for giving, fasting, and praying during the season of Lent. It can be used to explain to your congregation and visitors the reasons for observing these customs leading up to Easter. Great for Ash Wednesday or any service during the Lent season.

  • $15.00

    Grave Garden

    An animation based video that goes through Matthew 6:25-33, where Jesus is teaching his Sermon on the Mount, and he discusses anxiety.

  • $18.00

    dating science
    Grave Garden

    A lighthearted video that explains the exact science and complexity of a first date.

  • $9.99

    maker of the heart
    Eric Samuel Timm

    Heading toward Valentines’ Day love and the heart are on the forefront of our thoughts. However the heart is a tricky thing. Many of our hearts have become a confused mess. God is molding us everyday. He takes us as the mess we are and makes us into a beautiful work of art.