Introduction: Have you ever had a garden? What have you grown in it? What kinds of things grow on vines? (I have to admit I had to Google, “What grows on vines?” for this. Grapes, kiwi, passion fruit, watermelon, cantaloupe, honeydew, cantaloupe, tomatoes, strawberries, blackberries, leaves, poison ivy, etc.)

1. Read John 15:1. What is the “I Am” statement Jesus is making in this verse?

2. Read John 15:1-8 and answer the following questions:
Who’s the vine? (Jesus) Who are the branches? (Believers) Who’s the Gardener? (God)
What’s the fruit? (The good things we do through the power of the Holy Spirit as we abide in Christ.)
Who will bear much fruit? (Those who remain in the vine.) How do you know that? (v.5)
Who will bear no fruit? (Those not remaining in the vine.) How do you know that? (v.5)

3. Let’s talk a little bit about “remaining in Jesus.” That is not a phrase we use very often, so it wouldn’t be strange if you couldn’t really picture what Jesus was talking about right away. Some versions say, “Abide in,” some say, “Live in,” some say, “Dwell in…” Any ideas now that you’ve heard those words? (Spend time with; be together with; recognize Him as our constant Companion; follow Him; lean into Him when trouble comes; do what He encourages you to do.)

4. How do we abide in Jesus on a daily basis? (Read the Word, spend time in prayer, listen to music that talks about Jesus, fellowship with others who are spending time with Jesus too. Obey the Word…)

5. Spend some time drawing a picture that illustrates the Vine, Gardener, Branches, Fruit and abiding. (Some of you may really get into this; some of you might think this is a really stupid idea. Just do your best, and give respect to one another as we share what we’ve drawn. Remember, a family encourages each other!)

6. Share your drawings with each other.

We’re going to spend a little bit of time “abiding with Jesus” as we close. Choose one of the following psalms to read: Psalms 23; Psalms 103; Psalms 51. After reading quietly, choose one verse that was meaningful to you and add it to your picture. Close your personal time with the Lord in prayer.

Lesson 12: John 18:8:I Am He

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