Divide the group into two equal teams, and have them stand across from each other in a typical Red Rover style. Choose one team to start, have that team choose one person from the other team to “come over.” After chanting the traditional Red Rover theme, the called out individual must pick a place to “come over.” When the place is chosen the individual must state the names of the two people on either side of the spot. If they can say the two names, they stay, if they cannot say the two names they must join the opposing team.

Our thanks to our friends at www.pastor2youth.com for allowing us to use this game!

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Tim Baker has been working with students for twenty-five years. He's the author of over twenty books, a professor of Biblical Studies and Youth Ministry at LeTourneau University, Director of Student Ministries at Trinity Episcopal Church in Longview Texas. Tim is the Executive Editor of YouthWorker Journal. @timbaker1

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