Everyone sits in a circle with one person standing in the middle. The person in the middle is blindfolded and has a rolled up newspaper. He is spun around as everyone else changes seats (they must be silent…ha ha). The person blindfolded finds a person in the circle only by means of the newspaper. Once found the blindolded person says “duckie wuckie.” The person found must say in a disguised voice, “quack quack.” This may be repeated twice more. After each “quack quack” the blindfolded person may guess the identity of the voice. If correct the voice gets blindfolded, if incorrect the blindfold must go to another person and try again.


Thanks to our friends at www.pastor2youth.com for lending us this game!

About The Author

Dr. Ryan Nielsen is currently the Sr. Pastor at First Baptist Church in Quincy, CA. Ryan has a long history of youth ministry experience with his call to Youth Ministry beginning in 1991 as a Freshman in College where he was hired as the Youth Pastor at Armenian Christian Fellowship of Orange County. Since that time, Ryan spent 20 years working in youth ministry in California, Colorado, Oklahoma, Texas, and also in Denmark. In 1995, he started his own youth ministry website, pastor2youth.com, which resources individuals in more than 165 countries around the world! Ryan has his B.A. In English Literature from Whittier College, his M.A. In Youth and Family Ministry from Denver Seminary, his M.Div and his Doctorate degree from Fuller Seminary. He moved to Quincy in 2011 with his wife, Christianna, who is a First Grade Teacher. Ryan married Christianna in 2005 and they adopted their two daughters, Magali and Miley in December 2010.

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