love will save the world

Brentwood Benson Kids

Brentwood-Benson Kids

A prophetic reminder of the hope and love that saves the world, this video is set to the new song “Love Will Save the World” and is a perfect expression of worship for a modern culture. Originally appearing in the Brentwood-Benson musical We Have Our Savior, this song is both a proclamation of Christmas and a response of worship.

Song Lyrics:

Heaven and nature singing a love song
God comes down to man
Gloria, Gloria
See your Redeemer coming in power
born to conquer sin
Gloria, Gloria

This is the hope, the hope we're living
This is the Truth that we're believing
Love will save the world
Love will save the world
This is the song the song of Heaven
This is the light that shines forever
Love will save the world
Love will save the world

Beautiful mystery
incarnate glory
Word of God revealed
You are Lord
You are Lord
Wonderful Healer coming in mercy
Lover of my soul
You are Lord
You are Lord


Hope for all the nations
Joy for all creation
You are Love that saves the world[x2]



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