with all my heart


Yancy Ministries

This worship song is a great way to give kids the opportunity so say "I love you" to Jesus. It's message is "With all my heart I love you, I love you, I love you." A sweet sound indeed. Download includes 2 Files: Full and Instruments Only.

Song Lyrics:

Out of dust you formed my life
Out of dust to look like Christ

I hear the sound of God's great song
Over me my whole life long

With all my heart
With all I am
I will praise You God
I will praise You God

With all my Soul
In wonder and awe
I will praise You God
I will praise You God

Just one thing have I desired
To be with you right where you are

To gaze upon your holy face
To live within the holy place

Oh my soul
Praise the lord

My heart says seek his face
Oh Lord your face I will seek


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