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This is Lesson Six in a six week series on Judges . Finally, the nation of Israel descends into a convoluted state of anarchy and civil war. This is the result of what happens when God is replaced with selfish desires and ambitions. What can their failure teach us about Jesus

The Verses
Judges 19-21, Nehemiah 9:29-31, 2 John 1:1-3

The Gist
After a violent act in a small village, Israel descends into civil war. Things go from bad to worse.

The Point
A godless existence leads to death. But with Jesus there is life!

What You Get
Video message
Video review game
Animated title loop
Opening Assignment - an activity that your students can do while other students are arriving
Intro Activity - an activity that leads into the message by introducing concepts which are relevant to the topic; file format will vary
Discussion Guide - we call it the Live it Out handout; it can be used in small groups, pairs, or students can it home to do as a devotional
Lesson specific information - a one page guide that tells you everything you need to know for each lesson
Series Introduction and Overview - provides overarching themes to the series as well as a lesson schedule
Quick & Easy Implementation Guide - for those of you who like the, "less is more" approach to instructions
Fully Loaded Implementation Guide - for those of you who like the "more is better" approach to instructions


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