recycle your faith vol 2: god is (fill in the blank)

Recycle Your Faith

Is there a God? If so, what is he/she like?

God is ____________. is a collection of seven videos from Recycle Your Faith that will get your small group talking about their understanding of God. A facilitator’s guide and discussion starter questions are included with the videos to help you start meaningful conversations in your group.

Topics include:
• How much do our relationships in life affect our views about God?
• To what extent do you think God cares about our safety and prosperity?
• If you can’t 100% understand God, why even try?
• Could God look different to different people?

This volume includes the videos “God is (fill in the blank). ,” “God Created in the Image of Man,” “Is God Good?,” “God’s Heart for our Prosperity,” “He’s Got Your Back?,” “The Box Or The Carrot,” and “Your Shirt is Green.”

The people interviewed are: Elaine Hamilton, Susan Isaacs, Robbie Reider, James Pond, Kevin Potter, and Darrin Hufford

Recycle Your Faith Discussion Starters are just that—discussion starters. They will help move your conversations beyond small talk to bring real-life issues to the surface. Rather than presenting your small group with another sermon, give them the opportunity to open up and share their stories and experiences with Recycle Your Faith Discussion Starters.

Total Running Time: Each video is approximately 3-8 minutes.


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