recycle your faith vol 1: questioning the answers

Recycle Your Faith

Some people say Christianity offers answers to life’s questions. Others aren’t as certain.

Questioning the Answers is a collection of six videos from Recycle Your Faith that will get your small group talking about their questions about faith and Christianity. A facilitator’s guide and discussion starter questions are included with the videos to help you start meaningful conversations in your group.

Topics include:
• Should questioning your faith be encouraged or discouraged?
• Are basic Christian beliefs a stopping point or a starting point?
• What does the Bible say about questioning God?
• If there are answers, what do they look like?

This volume includes the videos “An Impersonal Relationship with God,” “Going Beyond Fundamentals,” “ The Golden Dancer,” “Bring Me The Questions,” “Question Everything,” and “Certainty in a Box.”

The people interviewed are: Joy & Jim Schroeder, Adam Mosley, Paul Romig-Leavitt, Leeana Tankersley, Mike Licona and Justin Masterson

Recycle Your Faith Discussion Starters are just that—discussion starters. They will help move your conversations beyond small talk to bring real-life issues to the surface. Rather than presenting your small group with another sermon, give them the opportunity to open up and share their stories and experiences with Recycle Your Faith Discussion Starters.

Running Time: Each video approximately 3-8 minutes


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