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  • $19.99

    defining love
    Freebridge Media

    What is love? Is it a feeling or experience? Is it emotional or physical? How do you define it? Scripture gives us the perfect definition of love. Take a look at the biblical roadmap for loving as Jesus loved.

  • $18.00

    let us worship
    Remedy Media

    Sometimes we need to be reminded why we worship.  This video uses language found in powerful scriptures to give congregants a fresh reminder as to why we worship. Use this encouraging video intro to call your congregation to worship this Sunday.  

  • $12.00

    come to the water
    twelve:thirty media

    Based on scripture in John 4:14, this video points out the need for the life-giving water that only Jesus provides. Perfect to use as a service opener, sermon bumper or transitional element in your worship services.

  • $19.99

    this is jesus
    Freebridge Media

    Today we worship the King of Kings…our Savior, our Lord, our Redeemer. Today we worship the one who changed our eternity and replaced our guilt with grace. Today we worship Jesus!

  • $19.98

    today worship intro
    Centerline New Media

    Today, I will praise Him with all of my soul. His unfailing love gives me strength, today - and every day. Because He is who He says He is - yesterday, today, and forever. Use this upbeat and colorful mini-movie as an introduction to worship.

  • $16.00

    a place for you to serve
    Big Pie Publishing

    Hilarious footage of old stage performers is combined with period music and simple text reminding us that everyone has been gifted to serve in the Kingdom and the local church. Use this video for messages on stewardship, spiritual gifts and volunteering.

  • $15.00


    A mother receives flowers and a letter from her daughter. The letter explains how the daughter has forgiven her mother – the beginning of reconciliation.

  • $19.98

    lent (a season of reflection)
    Centerline New Media

    This mini-movie explores the reasons for giving, fasting, and praying during the season of Lent. It can be used to explain to your congregation and visitors the reasons for observing these customs leading up to Easter. Great for Ash Wednesday or any service during the Lent season.

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    Reverve Media

    Where does your Hope come from? This video depicts Romans 5:3-5 and how we can learn to rejoice in our trials and sufferings; To develop character and have confidence in our salvation with Jesus. We are truly loved. Find your hope in Jesus as you use this as a sermon bumper or at the beginning of service.

  • $19.99

    all (a moment of surrender)
    Freebridge Media

    At the center of a life lived for Jesus, is an attitude of surrender. An authentic desire to abandon everything for the sake of His glory. Orchestrated beautifully to “I Surrender All”, this video is a powerful way to open a time of prayer, intro a message or begin a time of worship.

  • $19.99

    one loud voice
    Freebridge Media

    It’s Easter…a day to worship our Savior and ignite our hearts in praise to Jesus. Death has been defeated, the grave has lost its sting. Love has won! Today, let us shout from the mountaintops, in one loud voice, Jesus is alive!

  • $17.98

    love - no exceptions
    Centerline New Media

    Jesus said that one commandment was greater than all the others: To love. Love God, love your neighbor, even love your enemies. It was a commandment with no exceptions. A perfect mini-movie for any sermon on the topic of love. Based on Matthew 5:43-48, John 13:34-35, and Mark 12:29-30.

  • $20.00

    he arose
    Igniter Media

    Experience the moments leading up to the crucifixion in a way that makes the Easter story, frozen in time, more real today.

  • $19.99

    to your name (psalm 66)
    Freebridge Media

    Psalm 66 is a powerful call to all the Earth, to shout for joy and sing the glory of the great name of God!

  • $15.00

    fearfully made psalm 139
    Motion Worship

    This beautiful short film is perfect for setting a tone of worship, declaring the sanctity of life, or simply describing the wonder of each person God has created. The powerful words of Psalm 139 combine with visuals of colorful 3D ribbons weaving vibrant designs, timed to an epic soundtrack. We are all fearfully and wonderfully made!