the lions roar

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David and Adam have always wanted to do Biblical narratives through film. So when the time came to develop a piece on the story of Daniel and the Lions they knew they had to do it right. That meant partnering with their friend Dan DiFelice to get the job done. When Adam originally developed the concept he had nightmares of cheesy Bible reenactments and almost backed off from the project before it even began. When talking to Dan he said, ”I want to do this, but it can not be cheesy.” Dan agreed and from that point they never looked back. This piece was filmed in NY and included a large crew to get the job done. One key crew member was the lion who was flown from LA to NY for the gig. Working with a cranky, tranquilized lion was a first for all of the team members, but we got the job done. Complete with custom sets, costumes and a stunning score from Ryan Taubert this piece captures the visuals and story that the team hoped for. The whole goal was to bring the reality of what God did to life. There really was a man named Daniel that took a stand. He really was thrown into a den of lions. And God really did shut their mouths. The same power that quieted the lion’s roar centuries ago still is with us today.


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