stained glass christmas collection

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This collection uses beautiful stained glass artwork to tell the Christmas Story. Each mini-movie tells a piece of the story or the whole story can be told in just the Stained Glass Christmas movie. A five-minute countdown and beautiful corresponding motions and stills complete the collection.

  • Show one mini movie each week of Advent, leading up to Christmas
  • Add one mini movie each week, showing the combined story thus far, leading up to Christmas
  • Simply show the full Stained Glass Christmas mini movie any time during the Christmas season
So during Advent, you might choose to show:
Week 1: Stained Glass Advent 1 (The Prophecy)
Week 2: Stained Glass Advent 2 (Bethlehem) OR Stained Glass Advent 1-2
Week 3: Stained Glass Advent 3 (The Shepherds) OR Stained Glass Advent 1-3
Week 4: Stained Glass Advent 4 (The Angels) OR Stained Glass Advent 1-4
Dec. 24/25: Stained Glass Advent 5 (Christ is Born) OR the full story in Stained Glass Christmas
Epiphany (Jan. 6 or observed): Stained Glass Epiphany following full Stained Glass Christmas

In addition, you can play the music track built into the mini movies or turn the audio off and show the mini movie as the background to a live solo, congregational worship, or Christmas program.



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