big movie event - the hours of darkness

Amturian Media

Big Movie Event-The Hours of Darkness The Hours of Darkness presents a unique opportunity for your group to have a Big Event. This can be your Groups night to have a World Premiere Movie event. Not only that but it gives you an opportunity to have people come into your church that might not have otherwise. And once they’re in you’ll have the chance to share the love of Jesus with them. Film Synopsis- When the sun goes down “The Hours of Darkness” begin... Six friends go into the woods for a great time of lake partying. But when the sun goes down the party is over. Something is stalking the group and taking them away one by one. Now they’ll have to stick together to see the sun rise. You won’t be able to turn your eyes from the screen. So let The Hours of Darkness begin. In this BIG MOVIE EVENT PACKAGE you will recieve: -The 30 minute Director’s Cut of the Movie. -A 60 second teaser trailer. -A 40 second teaser trailer. -A 90 second trailer. -An invitation from the actors to come see the movie. -A Special Larry Linguist Service Starter episode all about “The Hours of Darkness” -A 5 Minute Countdown to play before your service starts. -The Complete Outtakes from the movie. -The Complete Soundtrack to “The Hours of Darkness” -“The Big Movie Event Guide” (Sermon ideas with over 20 scripture references). -Artwork for posters, slides and church bulletins.


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