an upside down christmas advent collection

The Work of the People

This collection of videos is meant to facilitate discussion around some uncommon themes during the Advent season. Jesus' birth ushers in a new Kingdom, an upside down Kingdom. A Kingdom where weakness wins over power, where the ?rst are last, where death is life. Jesus lives out a radically new way of living. He proclaims this way of living is the way God intended for us, he Torah pointed to and was an invitation to this way of living and Jesus' life, death and resurrection are a living example of the power of this way of living. This way-The Way-isn't easy. It involves a radically counter-cultural generosity. Not just a generosity with money, but a giving away of one's very self. The upside down Kingdom Jesus ushered in is one in which the Creator of the Universe comes to us as a suffering servant, and asks us to do likewise. As you lead your group through these videos may you ?nd the time and space to live truly upside down, counter to our culture of consumption, power and entitlement. We try to create videos that are, above all, honest; and we do so prayerfully and expectantly. We hope what we create is anointed to affect change. As you lead discussion, we urge you, therefore, to press into honesty for the sake of those you lead. Don't forget to download the leader guide below.


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