3 Ways to Get Students Into Church

Can the teenagers in your church tell you what the inside of the sanctuary looks like when there isn’t a dodge ball game going on? Do they know what to do when the offering plate is passed their way? When...

My Favorite Youth Ministry Books

Some of the best resources I’ve found for curriculum, for understanding myself, and for better understanding my youth and their families. Hint: They’re usually not explicitly Christian.

Dear Youth Worker

Dear Youth Worker, I wanted to take a moment to say, “You are doing a great job.” My daughter loves coming to your group and she has friends there. I love that she loves to come to church. I truly apprec...

The Story I Wish I Could Change

I can’t change my story, but I can leverage it for the good of the Kingdom. My life has been tragedy free for the most part. But one season of life makes me quiver inside just reflecting back upon it. Let me...

Navigating Sports Schedules

For many youth ministries, every fall offers the same challenge: clashing schedules of the sports students play and the youth ministry calendar.

You’re (Not) Made of Steel

Had we just pulled off a successful outreach event? Yes. Did I care? Nope. I was tired of ministry, wondering how it had gone from something I loved so dearly to something I resented so fiercely.