Steve Case has written five vignettes designed to involve youth in the church’s Advent candle lighting services. Each vignette contains a creative “e-mail” representing a real or imaginary character from the Christmas story. The vignettes are posted as a separate articles and can be linked to below.

Advent is celebrated on the four Sundays prior to Christmas and on Christmas Eve. We encourage you to have your young people practice before reading the vignette. Encourage them to have fun with this and to “get into” the character.

First Sunday This first vignette imagines Mary emailing her cousin Elizabeth

Second Sunday This second vignette imagines Herod sending an email to the commander of the Roman forces for Jerusalem.

Third Sunday This third vignette imagines one of the Magi sending an email to his wife.

Fourth Sunday This fourth vignette imagines an insurance agent writing to one of the shepherds.

Christmas Eve This final vignette imagines the wife of the Innkeeper sending an email to her sister.

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