This game will require some creative preparation and listening.  For the setup, acquire at least a dozen objects that make various sounds. These objects could be small bells, or spoons, or some variety of hollow and dense—just as long as you have a dozen objects that, when struck with a metal rod or chopstick, make varying sounds.  Place these objects on a table in some order of high to low pitch.

The game is played by writing names of familiar or popular songs on small slips of paper.  Place these slips of paper into a hat.  The students will take turns drawing out of the hat and then attempting to play the tune by striking the objects on the table.  Play individually or in teams . . . and the other students have to guess what songs are being played on the objects.

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Todd Outcalt is the lead pastor of Calvary United Methodist Church in Brownsburg, Indiana and is a thirty-year youth ministry veteran. He is the author of twenty-five books in six languages, including the youth ministry titles: $5 Youth Ministry (Group); Last-Minute Meetings (Abingdon); Ready to Go Youth Meetings (Abingdon); and The Youth Ministry Encyclopedia (Kindle).

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