Tools: None (As the leader, you may want to prepare some questions in advance.)
Season/Theme: Summer/Swimming Pool Games

The Game: Have the group members stand on the edge with their heels just barely on the lip of the pool. Stand in front of the first person and say: In 10 seconds, name five characters from the Harry Potter novels. Begin counting backward from 10 aloud. If the leader reaches zero before the player can answer the question, the leader gives the player a GENTLE AND LOVING push backward into the pool. The leader then moves on to the next player with a question such as: In 10 seconds, name five breakfast cereals that have a spokescharacter. The questions should be easy. The fun comes from the pressure of answering in less than 10 seconds. Once a player is out, he or she remains out until a new round is started. NOTE TO LEADERS: You will be amazed how fast this game goes. It helps to prepare a list of questions prior the playing

Sample Lists:
Five Summer Blockbuster Movies
Five Things You Can Order at McDonald’s
Five Comic book Villains
Five Major League Baseball Teams
Five Flavors of Slurpee/Slushee
Five Things You Can Spread on Toast
Five Brands of Sneaker/Tennis Shoe

What Did We Learn?
You can use this game as an opportunity to talk about pressure. What pressures do we feel every day? How much of that pressure is of our own creation? How do you best deal with pressure? What do you do to take a step back and depressurize?

About The Author

Steve Case has been active in youth ministry for 18 years, currently at Windermere Union United Church of Christ near Orlando, Fla. He’s also a popular speaker and the author of several books, including Everything Counts, The Book of Uncommon Prayer, and The Big Book of Case Studies. (YS)

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