Silly Sloppy Slingshot Scrabble is a favorite around my middle school and junior high ministry. It has taken on various forms and challenging levels, but it is a guaranteed blast!

– Water balloon slingshot: at least one or two to four for bigger groups, areas or more of an advanced challenge
– Towels and/or old T-shirts: one per group of four students. This is where are old youth group T-shirts go to die.
– A wide variety food: preferably gross, weird or sloppy but soft (safe) food, but something that can fly

– Large outdoor large area such as a field or parking lot. Do not do this indoors!

Simple Instructions:
Instructions: Break everyone into teams of four and give each team have a towel/T-shirt. Have all the teams spread out in the large playing area. Each team will be holding the four corners of its towel/shirt. On “Go!,” using the water balloon sling, you and your leaders will be shooting the silly sloppy food items into the playing area for your students to try to catch in the towel/shirt or be hit with.

Teams must try to catch the food item. They receive 5 points for food items that are caught and lose a point for food items that hit a player. Obviously, the main idea is to try to catch as many food items as possible. My leaders and I send a couple of line drives on softer items to subtract points—and for our own amusement.

Suggested Food Items:
– Hot Dogs (the original)
– Twinkies or any other snack cake
– Eggs (be careful this one)
– Pickles
– Chunks of Spam
– Large marshmallows
– Bannanas
– Dog biscuits
– Bread of various kinds (alternative: Form bread balls)
– Limburger cheese
– Tomatoes (or other softer fruits and veggies)
– Use your imagination and just have a fun shopping trip looking for the most random food!

Note: Great for leftovers from camp or retreats. That is where it all began!

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