Senator Scott P. Brown of Massachusetts says he was abused as a child at a Christian camp. A recent “60 Minutes” report says 95 percent of sexual assaults on college campuses aren’t even reported.

Brown, a Republican, described the abuse in his autobiography, Against All Odds: My Life of Hardship, Fast Breaks and Second Chances. He did not specifically identify Camp Good News, but reporters put together the details and identified the camp. The charges led to a suicide by a camp employee. See more here.

Meanwhile, Katie Couric reported the college assault story, “The Case of Beckett Brennan.” A female high school all-American basketball player who received a scholarship to the University of the Pacific, Brennan reported that she had been raped. College officials said her own behavior (including drinking on the evening of the assault) were at fault, and her three assailants received various punishments, all of which Brennan felt were too light. See the story here.

What are you doing to protect and prepare your young people for the possibility of sexual assaults at camps and college?

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