After listening to the first few tracks from Run Kid Run’s sophomore release, it would be easy to dismiss the group as nothing more than a typical pop/rock band, the likes of which have been saturating the musical landscape for far too long.

Seemingly devoid of anything original or inspirational—especially where the vocals are concerned—the casual listener may be tempted to take an apathetic approach to this offering.

However, the momentum of the album is such that it gradually takes hold of your senses, and you eventually will find yourself singing along. With the help of producer James Paul Wisner, the band manages to create some intricate arrangements for this new disc that show a sense of maturity in songwriting skills.

Lyrically, RKR is as steadfast as ever, always returning to the “core” of Truth that God is from whom all love flows. Although not a perfect album, there is still a lot to love about Love at the Core.

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