You have the ultimate set up. The dream job. The best possible scenario. You are in a position to teach the youth the truths found in the Scriptures. And you get to do this week after week, after week. That is truly a blessing for you and the students. Don’t take it for granted. And what a great opportunity for you to teach your students the value of expository preaching. Here’s the double-whammy bonus. Once you get the students fired up about expository preaching and its value, you can take the time to exposit the Scriptures yourself! It’s a win win!

Here’s the plan:

Week 1

Teach on what expository preaching is. Share the value of going through books of the Bible verse by verse, from beginning to end. Then share some examples of great expositors like C.H. Spurgeon, George Whitfield, Jonathan Edwards, and more.

Week 2

Philippians 1:1-2

Focus on the author and the audience. These are crucial for the remaining text.

Week 3

Philippians 1:3-5

Preach on prayer, remembrance (especially in a day of constant chaos and distraction), joy, partnership.

Week 4 – the end

Just keep going. Don’t rush through this letter. Take your time. Engage your students. Have them read along with you.

Here are some amazing benefits I can think of for you and your group:

  1. You and your students will engage the whole counsel of God by going through books of the Bible verse by verse, without the possibility of leaving anything out.
  2. You and your students grow in faith and understanding of God’s Word.
  3. The students learn what preaching is. They’ll desire to hear preachers who dig into the Scriptures in a clear and methodical method.
  4. You get to work on your skills as an expository preacher.

Give it a shot this Fall. Nothing to lose, but so much to gain!