Going Public—Your Child Can Thrive in Public School
David & Kelli Pritchard with Dean Merrill
Regal, 2008, 219 pp., $12.99, www.regalbooks.com

This isn’t a pitch for public schools as much as great encouragement for parents who have chosen public education for their kids (or because of circumstances, don’t have a choice). “God is bigger than the public schools.”

The authors respectfully don’t speak against home or private (Christian) education. In fact, the parenting and communication principles the Pritchards lay out, could be read in a home schooling book. That’s because they believe every parent should “home school” in the sense of being ultimately responsible for their children’s education and spiritual formation, regardless of school setting. The key they emphasize repeatedly is hands-on involvement and commitment from both parents in a child’s home, school and social life, as well as relationship building and a “servant” attitude toward school officials and teachers, appreciating the demanding job they have.

No matter which school venue you’ve chosen, this book will challenge your sense of responsibility to influence your child.

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