THE GAME: Have youth group sit in a circle, and choose one person to start the game. Tell players to face the player on their left and say “zip” one at a time, going around the circle clockwise as fast as possible. As they say “zip,” they have to keep their teeth completely covered with their lips (no smiling)! Warn the group that if players accidentally show any teeth, they’ll be out.

Once players understand the “zip,” add a new movement. Players can reverse the direction of play by turning to the player on their right and saying “bong.” The player receiving ithe “bong” can either continue in the new direction (saying “zip”) or can reverse the direction again (by saying “bong”). Players who show their teeth, look in the wrong direction, or go too slowly, must step out of the circle and become judges. The competition and speedy play continues until the circle shrinks to two players, the winners.

• How difficult or easy was it for you to stay focused and not laugh?
• Why is it healthy for a youth group to laugh together?
• How does laughing with other people help build relationships?

ASSET CATEGORIES: Positive Values, Social Competencies, Positive Identity

Source: Great Group Games: 175 Boredom-Busting, Zero-Prep Team Builders for All Ages

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