During my first student appointment as a young pastor, I recall having a conversation with an older and wiser pastor who noted, “You will learn as much from your questions as from your answers.” I never have forgotten this sage wisdom.

However, questions are important. Asking good questions can be far more beneficial than arriving at quick solutions. Sometimes it is important to take the time to reflect on our questions before acting.
Here are some questions that will help us step out and take some strategic chances in our youth ministries. Read each one to your self and consider the answers. Maybe even write each one on an index card and read through them several times over the next week or so, and write your responses on the back of the card.
* If I were not afraid, what could be accomplished?
* What is one decision I could make today that will have long-term implications?
* Who is the one person I need to help today?
* What are ideas or attitudes are holding me back?
* What is my greatest gift, and how can I use it more effectively?
* Who are the gifted people around me whom I might be overlooking?As you ponder these questions and others, consider their implications for your life, ministry and relationships.
Don’t be afraid to ask tougher questions. Your future may depend upon them.

About The Author

Todd Outcalt is the lead pastor of Calvary United Methodist Church in Brownsburg, Indiana and is a thirty-year youth ministry veteran. He is the author of twenty-five books in six languages, including the youth ministry titles: $5 Youth Ministry (Group); Last-Minute Meetings (Abingdon); Ready to Go Youth Meetings (Abingdon); and The Youth Ministry Encyclopedia (Kindle).

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