Adding Humility to our Teaching

I remember sitting in my first week of theology classes as an undergrad at Biola University. I was hearing many new terms such as propitiation, infallibility and incarnation, but the concepts were familiar. I...

Schooled by My Son

If you have children now or in the future, there will come a time when they grow into teenagers, and the transition from cool youth worker to parent of a teen becomes painfully real. It was for me.

YS Conversations: Collaboration Killers

God does not call us to competition, but to obedience and collaboration. If we are concerned about the competition, maybe we first need to examine whether we are currently in obedience to what God has asked of us.

Conversations: Boom. Permission.

When most of us begin our journeys as youth ministers, we typically don't have children ourselves. I, too, jumped into youth ministry at the ripe age of 21 and single. I thought I knew a lot about being a teen ...