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  • Jennifer Bradbury
    (June 2009)
    I first met Amber when she attended one of our ministry’s summer mission trips as a guest. Every night, when our mission team gathered to debrief, Amber rapidly would ask a series of questions. Wrestling with those questions throughout the week fueled tremendous spiritual growth in Amber.
  • Calvin Park
    (January 2008)
    In youth ministry, we have all cringed at one time or another when we thought of teaching the Torah, also known as the Pentateuch – the first five books of the Bible – to teens. To be honest, some of us cringe at the idea of teaching any parts of the Old Testament to students.
  • Todd Temple
    (January 2008)
    We model irresponsible financial habits within our youth ministry, then wonder why our students are so affected by consumerism. Practical alternatives aren’t as hard as you think. In fact, they can be kind of fun.
  • Jammy Walker
    (January 2008)
    The main thing some youth ministry workers say about money is that they don’t have enough.
  • (July 2007)
    DOUG PAGITT is pastor of Solomon’s Porch in Minneapolis, a leader in the Emergent Movement and the author of Preaching Re-Imagined.
  • Barry Shafer
    (July 2007)
    Do the acts of the first-century believers leave you longing for the supernatural atmosphere of those amazing days? The mood of those days may be closer than you think. For starters, the early church looked a lot like youth ministry today: new believers, lots of passion and energy—and, well, food.
  • Kyle Bueermann
    (May 2007)
    Sometimes I wonder why I’m in youth ministry. Sometimes it feels like the most useless job in the world. Every Wednesday night, my kids show up, kind of sing the songs, and fidget through a 20-minute Bible study. Then finally, we get to the main event, at least as far as they are concerned: volleyball....
  • Jason Pope
    (May 2007)
    At a recent ski weekend, I heard a young guy say, “Jesus is the Camino.” He was speaking Spanglish, and el camino means “the way.” Later, someone asked the guest speaker to compare his spiritual life to skiing. Using metaphors within youth ministry can be an effective way to help students grow spiritually.
  • John Byrne
    (May 2007)
    Give a youth pastor five sticks and a bag of marshmallows and students will be entertained for hours. Need an activity that teaches teamwork? Ask a youth pastor. Cool games, cool music, and cool church are the trademarks of youth ministry. These things may attract crowds, but do they fulfill the mission...
  • Patton Dodd
    (May 2007)
    A few years ago I walked into class of undergraduates in Boston a moment before it was to begin and picked up the book I was using for instruction that day. It was not the typical textbook—it was a book many of them had heard of all their lives but never read: a Bible.

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