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  • Syler Thomas
    (July 2010)
    Young people always will face tempting alternatives and distractions when trying to read the Bible. Unless you’re an ancient history buff, the point of reading the Bible is to produce fruit. If the part of the Bible you’re reading isn’t producing fruit, you have two options.
  • Chet Carlson
    (June 2010)
    It is time to refresh Sunday school and the answer is simple. Stop doing “school” and start connecting with students.
  • Mike Severe
    (March 2010)
    We cannot confuse biblical knowledge with spiritual maturity. Just because we or our students can quote, teach and argue the Bible does not mean we are transformed by it. Our faith must be felt, experienced and most importantly, valued. It is possible to act with concern and mercy and not be spiritually...
  • Tony Myles
    (December 2009)
    Sunday School stinks. Case in point: I used to be able to evangelize with ease, only later to feel I'd been wrong about how I was sharing my faith through church classes that taught me "the contagious way" to witness. I feel pressure from curricula that have taught me the "right way" to read the Scripture....
  • Tony Myles
    (December 2009)
    Debating is a lost cause. Don't believe me? Let's debate it. I have intentionally stayed away from modern apologetics for quite some time. There was a season in my life when I looked forward to finding another "proof" I could use to tear apart someone else's theology, but some time ago I started finding...
  • Syler Thomas
    (December 2009)
    We all have a favorite manipulative story, and mine is that of the drawbridge operator and his son. The man sits in his little box and lifts the bridge when a boat comes by and lowers it for the passing trains.
  • Adam Griffin
    (November 2009)
    For the six years I served as a church youth director, I was determined to communicate the gospel of Christ to any teenagers within my sphere of influence. I desperately wanted to see lives changed but was repeatedly discouraged that my influence and love were counteracted—often overtly—by an opposing...
  • Marlene LeFever
    (June 2009)
    As part of YouthWorker Journal’s 25th anniversary, we are pleased to revisit this classic article from 1991 by Marlene LeFever, who has kindly added an update at the end
  • Greg Stier
    (June 2009)
    Theology and teens. Does it sound like an explosive combination? Or a grand exercise in futility, filled with yawns and eye rolling? If you’re like most youth leaders, just the thought of mixing teens and theology can leave you wondering where to start.
  • Jake Kircher
    (June 2009)
    Personally, this has been one of the most difficult years of ministry in my eight years of experience. It’s not because of kids’ schedules, a difference of opinions with church leaders or not having enough adult volunteers. Those things always have been issues. What makes this year so different and more...

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