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Below you’ll find articles from the topic Social Media. All of the articles on represent some of the best youth ministry content, written by experienced pastors. We pray you’ll find these to be a helpful resource in your ministry.
  • Jennifer Bradbury
    (January 2011)
    Our students live in the digital world, and the moments and hours they spend on their cell phones, the Internet, Facebook and texting shape their social and spiritual lives.
  • Dave Stuart Jr.
    (January 2011)
    “Technology is great for conveying information, but youth need more than Christ info. They need Him embodied in you.”
  • Benjamin Kerns
    (September 2010)
    A couple of weeks ago, I experienced the “Twilight Zone” in Sunday School. Even though the room was full of students, there was this strange silence. At first, I couldn’t tell what was happening. I know Sunday School is early, but as I looked around at the group, I could tell it wasn’t that everyone...
  • Jeff Vankooten
    (October 2009)
    So if you decide to reach us, help us access that deepest place that not even technology or the market can penetrate. Don't package spiritual products for us to consume. Embody Christ in ways that are tangible and enduring. Love us from the core of your being. The more relationally significant you want...
  • Syler Thomas
    (October 2009)
    Technology always has changed the world. A little more than two years ago, I wrote about the question of whether youth pastors should join Facebook as a means of reaching out to students. Now, it's everywhere. And as much as I hated doing it (because I loved my old phone), I got a new one so I could...
  • (September 2008)
    As a result of a life changing experience, Merry Miller, the former Vice President of Programming for The Learning Annex, Creator and Producer of the late Joel Siegel's Meet the Directors and Stars series and former co-host of ABC's The View, has founded GodsSocialNetwork, an easy to use online social...
  • Greg Stier
    (May 2008)
    From the green revolution to “Starbucks spirituality,” today’s teens are actively formulating their own unique perception of reality. Keeping a pulse on teen trends can offer valuable insights for how to reach into their world with God’s grace and truth. Check out these five teen trends identified by...
  • Syler Thomas
    (September 2007)
    I now stand before you as a Facebook convert. I've seen the light, I've changed my ways...(I will be talking mostly about Facebook, because most of the youth ministry students I work with use it more than MySpace and similar sites.)
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