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  • Lilly Lewin
    (October 2010)
    Leaders need to take time and engage God on our own when we're not standing in front of a group.
  • Mark Oestreicher
    (July 2010)
    “Be ready for a great time of deep discussion to show up when you least expect it.”
  • Tony Myles
    (March 2010)
    If you find yourself looking at a screen more than you do a kid’s face, it’s time to turn the electricity off and power up in the Word of God.
  • Steve Rabey
    (January 2010)
    Scott Mills discusses holistic youth ministry and related products from Lifeway.
  • Duffy Robbins
    (December 2009)
    As within governments and other organizations, financial gaffs tragically reflect what goes on today consistently in youth ministries across the country. We continue to spend astronomical amounts of time, money and energy on programs and structures so we can say, "It's the largest ever built"—yet half...
  • Mike Yaconelli
    (September 2009)
    1. Dumb down the gospel. Employ attractive phrases, such as, "Since I've known Jesus, I'm happier, getting better grades and captain of the football team!" Even better, reduce the complexity of the gospel into group cheers (e.g., "Give me a J!") or simple worship choruses, such as, "God is so good…blah...
  • Paul Asay
    (April 2011)
    Youth ministries are supposed to be safe. They’re intended to be refuges where children can learn about God, as well as get away from the everyday stresses of being a kid—school, peer pressure, piano lessons and competitive sports. Youth groups also can be dangerous places. The activities that attract...
  • Mark Ostreicher
    (November 2008)
    We’re at a crossroad in youth work; and in order to be effective, we need to change—to turn at this crossroad instead of passing on through, assuming the way we’ve always done things will continue to work. It’s time for Youth Ministry 3.0.
  • Mark Oestreicher
    (September 2008)
    I’ve been doing a lot of thinking (and writing, and a bit of speaking) in the last few years about needed change in youth ministry. For the first two of those years, I felt I was able to articulate the need much more than what our response should be. Only in the last nine months have I started to identify—rightly...
  • Glen Van Cise
    (May 2007)
    My first 10 months in youth ministry were textbook perfec...Then we received a surprise test.

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