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Below you’ll find articles from the topic Middle School Ministry. All of the articles on YouthWorker.com represent some of the best youth ministry content, written by experienced pastors. We pray you’ll find these to be a helpful resource in your ministry.
  • Jake Kircher
    (October 2010)
    In my nine years of youth ministry, I have read and heard repeatedly about the limitations of students, specifically middle schoolers, when it comes to issues of attention spans and what they can understand. It's been explained to me how middle schoolers can handle only a maximum of 10- 15-minute talks...
  • Chris McKenna
    (August 2010)
    I was in elementary school when dad put me in front of a Fisher-Price chalkboard and showed me that 10 percent of my $2 allowance was 20 cents, which was the amount I was to place in my small, blue offering envelope every Sunday. Fortunately, his lesson stuck; since that day, giving to the Lord has felt...
  • Mark Oestreicher
    (July 2010)
    “Be ready for a great time of deep discussion to show up when you least expect it.”
  • Dean Nelson
    (June 2010)
    In an excerpt from God Hides in Plain Sight, Dean Nelson shares a story about time when he gave away coupons for free cheeseburgers to children at their school lunch. "What did we do to deserve it?" they want to know.
  • Kurt Johnston and Matt Hall
    (May 2010)
    Kurt Johnston and Matt Hall discuss evangelism in their youth group.
  • Jeff Tillson
    (March 2010)
    Let’s face it—hanging out with middle school (I call it junior high!) students in the hopes of bringing them closer to Jesus takes serious guts. It is an energy-packed, patience-stretching, sometimes smelly, time-consuming, thankless, awkward and overlooked calling. We are clearly the only people on...
  • Mark Oestreicher
    (March 2010)
    I hope this doesn’t make you mad, Dad, but I don’t think I want to be a pastor like you.
  • Steve Rabey
    (December 2009)
    The publicist talks about resources on youth culture and family ministry.
  • Duffy Robbins
    (December 2009)
    Those of us who work with teens seem to be sliding into an adolescent approach to our mission.
  • Steve Rabey
    (December 2009)
    The Kentucky middle school pastor talks about middle school ministry.

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