One-Day Training Event from CPYU

Kids are struggling. Youth workers are wrestling with what to do. Join Rich Van Pelt and Marv Penner on March 13 to gain insights and strategies for helping hurting kids in this seminar created by Walt Mueller and the Center for Parent Youth Understanding.

Brokenness and pain run deep and wide in today's youth culture. Our kids are victims of family breakups, violence, incest, date rape, sexual abuse and other devastating circumstances. Today's kids are faced with issues of increasing complexity, but ignoring these issues is simply not an option. Working with hurting kids should not be taken lightly.

This CPYU one-day training seminar will help you answer the question, "What do I do now?" and give you the confidence to listen and respond wisely to what your kids unload on you. Youth specialists Marv Penner and Rich Van Pelt will help you unpack and respond to the complex realities a majority of kids face today. You'll be equipped to offer a biblically rooted path toward wholeness -- a path we're all going to be called to walk with hurting young friends.

Rich Van Pelt is the national director of Ministry Relationships for Compassion International. He has expertise in dealing with struggling adolescents, crisis intervention and post-intervention -- helping kids and parents navigate some of life's toughest stuff. He is the author of several books, including The Youth Worker's Guide to Helping Kids in Crisis and A Parent's Guide to Helping Kids in Crisis.

Marv Penner, CPYU associate staff, heads Youth Specialties, Canada, and is director of All About Youth and the National Center for Excellence in Youth Ministry. In addition to his teaching, speaking and writing, he specializes in parent/adolescent conflict resolution, sexual abuse recovery, eating disorders and marriage and family issues. He is the author of several books, including Help! My Kids are Hurting and Hope and Healing for Kids Who Cut.

The event takes place Saturday, March 13 from 8:45 a.m.-5 p.m. at The Family Center, 835 Houston Run Drive, Gap, PA 17527. Click here for more information or to register for this event.
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