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Peer pressure has taken on a different form among teenagers in recent years. The trend has happened along with changes in technology and the morphing of worldviews.
By Walt Mueller
Kids left to their own devices can come up with violent, potentially lethal, ways to entertain themselves.
By Public Service Announcement
Are they religious, or are they not? A new study reveals that Millennials do take religion into account and that they pray to God.
A government plan to reduce childhood obesity is resulting in waste and hunger.
Teens are showing too much skin online, and officials say parents need to know what youngsters are baring and sharing.
By Paul Asay
Could a controversial film based on biblical data actually lead people to dust off their copies of the Word and discover the truth for themselves?
By Paul Asay
Are tablets and smartphones good for babies? While infants and toddlers can't do much on their own, they are able to manipulate digital devices. Some adults don't think it's a good idea, however.
By Paul Asay
What are today's young people really thinking and concluding about the Christian church and the community of faith?
Is the marketplace where you and your students practice religion?
By Walt Mueller
Are selfies of the fleshy variety a good way to gain publicity, or is it too risky to be risqué?
By Paul Asay
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