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What comes to mind when you hear the word 'girl'?
Hogwarts is accepting new (online) students!
By Paul Asay
Does what one sees on TV influence personal decisions, such as smoking?
By Paul Asay
The SAT is changing the way it tests students' language skills.
By Paul Asay
Pot, regardless of legalization, affects the brain.
By Paul Asay
One high school student's bold request earned him a three-day suspension.
Peer pressure has taken on a different form among teenagers in recent years. The trend has happened along with changes in technology and the morphing of worldviews.
By Walt Mueller
Kids left to their own devices can come up with violent, potentially lethal, ways to entertain themselves.
By Public Service Announcement
Are they religious, or are they not? A new study reveals that Millennials do take religion into account and that they pray to God.
A government plan to reduce childhood obesity is resulting in waste and hunger.
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