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Parents don't do their children any favors by attempting to be cool.
Social media and games adds a whole new type of unattuned parent to the lives of children.
Social media is feeding young people's psychoses.
Are young people as naive as older generations think they are about online security?
It used to be that only the good died young, but now it's musicians, too.
By Paul Asay
Exactly how much is a student able to learn while wasting time?
By Paul Asay
More than any other influence, parents have the most far-reaching impact on their children.
By Paul Asay
New data indicates that the Millennial generation isn't big on reading the Bible.
Doctors have diagnosed the first recorded instance of being addicted to technological eyewear.
By Paul Asay
Are Milllennials truly aware of the consequences of their Internet habits?
By Paul Asay
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