We watch the blogosphere to find what youth workers are saying -- about their kids, their ministry, and the culture at large.
How well does the church do at representing the real Christ?
By Ben Denen
A lot of us wish we could go back and change some things -- have a redo.
By Brian Ford
Each group is a different organism with different personalities, quirks, strengths and weaknesses.
By Amy-Jo Girardier
The truth is that leaders sometimes don't know what to do, either ...
By Mike Andrews
Thankfully, not just youth workers get that adolescents need plenty of adult love.
By Benjamin Kerns
Help your youth explore what it means to give thanks to God and to count their blessings
By Brian Kirk
And which church will be healthier in the long-run?
By Tim Schmoyer
I read a statement that you will probably read with skepticism.
By Pam Gibbs
There's a difference between teaching girls and boys
By Amy-Jo Girardier
It may difficult for a little while but turnarounds take time.
By Joshua Gill
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