Youth Camps, Missions and Retreats

Below you'll find articles and resources helpful for planning a youth mission trip or youth retreat. You'll also find Christian youth camp information and other helpful articles.
A brief essay on the legal benefits of a well-drafted release for youth ministry activities, as well as advice on drafting a release and a sample release.
By William A. McKinnon
What some cultures consider to be food, others do not. The dining practices of certain cultures would be offensive to others. How do you prepare your mission team so food and eating meals together does not become
By Jen Bradbury
It's a win-win situation to have your students teach their mission trip participants about the location where they'll be serving and how to serve well while they're there.
By Jen Bradbury
In America, we take the most basic resources for granted. One notebook in Zimbabwe can change a life forever.
By OneLife Matters
When you look at those who are lonely, hurting, in need of food, clothing or shelter, what's your gut reaction?
By Daniel Ryan Day
What does writing support letters teach your students in regard to missions?
By Jen Bradbury
Debrief and celebrate prior to launching your next trip.
By Jen Bradbury
Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF) has released a new digital tool that makes it easy for isolated believers to access digital Christian training resources—without the need for an Internet connection.
By Press Release
Doing various types of mission in a cyclical fashion bears several benefits for those who are serving and being served.
By Jen Bradbury
This article gives some helpful tips on planning youth retreats with as little stress and time as possible. It includes some advice on where to start, what to prioritize, and what to skip.
By Lanet Hane
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