Youth Camps, Missions and Retreats

Below you'll find articles and resources helpful for planning a youth mission trip or youth retreat. You'll also find Christian youth camp information and other helpful articles.
This former imam now is free to sing for joy as his changed life as a Christian.
By Caroline Anderson
How do you debrief following a mission trip? Here are 6 tips why you should process experiences your youth have when outside the walls of the church.
By Jen Bradbury
Man goes from looking forward to his next drink to helping HIV-positive children have better lives.
By Kristi Hodge
One blanket performs numerous functions for the person to whom this precious item belongs.
By Marie Curtis
After God burdened IMB worker Emily Ryman’s heart to fight sex trafficking, she knew that awareness wasn’t enough. She had to act.
By Laura Fielding
Time is running out for this summer's youth mission trip to Mongolia!
By Tess Rivers
This variation of Secret Santa works well for youth group mission trips.
By Jen Bradbury
Making changes usually requires understanding, patience and allowing others to see advantages outweigh threats.
By Jessica Charney
One backpack can offer life-changing hope for an orphan in Southeast Asia.
One high school student's experience on mission and how the week's events changed her for the sake of God's kingdom.
By Madison Janes
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