New Web-Based Curriculum Addresses Faithful Citizenship

By Press Release | October 4 2011

Center for the Congregation in Public Life, an affiliate of Colgate Rochester Crozer Divinity School, has issued a web curriculum to promote faithful citizenship and deepen respect for the common good.

"As we wrestle with questions such as jobs, health, security and ecology," said CCPL Executive Director Dana Horrell, "There is a deeper question below the surface: 'Am I responsible solely for myself and my next of kin or for the wider common good?' Our faith traditions are best equipped to answer this question, and how we answer may determine not only the shape of our neighborhoods but the world our children inherit."

Designed as a six-week study course, Faithful Citizen includes:

1. Study Guide with a 10-page lesson for group study.

2. Videos: 3- to 4-minutes long addressing dilemmas created by the current global situation. Rather than attempting to resolve issues, these brief film clips create a shared experience as course participants and facilitator make what they will of the film.

3. Video conversations between Robert Bellah, sociologist of religion and author of Habits of the Heart: Individualism and Commitment in American Life and Donald W. Shriver Jr., Emeritus President of Union Theological Seminary, New York City.

Study Guide

 • Session 1: Introduction: From Individualist to Faithful Citizen. "Why worry about the world's troubles? I've got enough of my own!"

 • Session 2: Global Economy. "Is my job going to China?"

 • Session 3: Global Ecology. "I've changed my light bulbs. Now what?"

 • Session 4: Global Security and Governance. "Why don't I feel safe? And besides, why do they hate us?"

 • Session 5: Global Health. "Why risk getting shots if plenty of other people refuse to be immunized?"

 • Session 6: Church and Family as Schools of Civic Virtue. "How can we teach citizenship? We don't have time to eat together!"

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