The Ultimate Guide to Being a Christian in College

By Panel Review | June 7 2012

Dr. Jeff Baxter

Zondervan, 2012, 208 pp., $9.99

In The Ultimate Guide to Being a Christian in College, Dr. Jeff Baxter has taken the opportunity to add to and recreate his former title Following Jesus into College and Beyond. With the addition of seven more chapters, Baxter covers a wide range of topics relevant to identity, choices and belonging. In a guide such asthis, it's difficult to fully process so many issues; but it would be a good choice for use as a series of discussion starters for transitioning students to use together, with parents or with a small group leader.

—Andrew Hedges

I thought it was really well rounded; I liked that the book covered chapters on a wide variety of topics instead of just how to avoid temptation, which is the main theme in other similar books I've read. I thought the chapters on dating and relationships with your parents was very refreshing. It wasn't as flowery and as likely to beat around the bush as I was expecting it to be; it was straightforward and real. I liked the way it was written; the author's writing style didn't appear to be dumbed down to fit teenagers, but it wasn't completely over my head; it's a good medium.

—Jessie Heinaman, graduating senior Bound Brook, New Jersey, student of Nithin Thompson, Director of Youth Ministries, Stonecrest Community Church

Jeff Baxter writes a deep and thoughtful book for students heading off to college. He begins with the story of grace and God's will and then delves into the practical issues of dorm life including morality, stress, friendships and making good decisions. Jeff jam-packs the book full of knowledge and wisdom that a thoughtful Christian would be wise to read. However, we've debated in our youth group whether books are the best gift for graduates. We wonder whether they actually are read and if we should have been teaching them this information for four+ years instead. I'd say give this book to the students you know will read itstudents who are deep thinkers and who want to delve into their faith and issues of worldview and morality. They'll be more prepared to enter the world of college life and the many situations they will encounter there.

—Alisa Laska

I found The Ultimate Guide to Being a Christian in College to be very helpful and readable. I think the college-bound community would enjoy it. It was engaging enough to keep them reading and practical enough to be useful. I found the middle of the book about worldviews the most helpful. I'm taking it with me to a staff retreat and will give it to our student ministry guy so he can be familiar with it. I think it could be a good gift to give our high school students.

—Chuck Sackett


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