Resisting Temptation

By Peter Moore | Special Education Paraprofessional, Rocky Mountain High School, Fort Collins, Colorado. | May 25 2010

Resisting Temptation

Jim Burns

Gospel Light, 2009, 201 pp., $12.99

Talking to young adults about sex and drugs is not the most exciting part of working with youth. Jim Burns wants youth leaders not to avoid these difficult topics of discussion. He has compiled a series of three units in Resisting Temptation, part of the Uncommon Youth series that aims to help break the ice and seek God's heart in areas of teenage sex, substance abuse and messages sent by today's media.

Each unit offers a variety of group activities, topics for personal reflection, surveys that help raise self-awareness and Scripture, as well as a prelude for the leader to focus his or her own heart.

A good starting block for discussion, the examples used and questions asked occasionally provide potential for a revealing discussion, but the majority of them remain a little juvenile for what most teens are exposed to in the modern day.

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