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Welcome to our youth ministry book section where you'll find previews and reviews of the latest books for youth pastors, as well as youth devotionals, resources for parents and more! 
What does the Bible have to say about purity versus what the world is telling and teaching today's young people?
By Panel Review
The secular world spits messages at us constantly, meaning the truth is ever more important to be discerned.
By Panel Review
Exploring why this generation is in conflict...
By Zach Hunter
Do you truly believe you and your students are able to impact the world, or is just a nice idea?
By Jen Bradbury
While some claim religion separates, the gospel actually unites and transcends.
By Chase L. Durham
Various attributes can mark a church, but is evangelism one of them for yours, and is it being done well?
By Chase L. Durham
Every ministry is a failure unless the focus and destination is Jesus Christ.
By Todd Outcalt
Addressed to men, this resource could be useful in mentoring young boys to be watchful as they grow into men of God.
By Chase L. Durham
There are many ways to love our neighbors, but this resource speaks specifically to loving our urban neighbors into thrive mode.
By Dan Istvanik
We hear a lot of talk about commitment to the Christian faith, but is your whole self really All In?
By Dan Istvanik
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