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Welcome to our youth ministry book section where you'll find previews and reviews of the latest books for youth pastors, as well as youth devotionals, resources for parents and more! 
If you feel as if you're missing something in this life, visit with Sara Hagerty in Every Bitter Thing Is Sweet and be reassured that God knows, understands and cares about every desire of your heart.
By Amy L. Lee
If you're wondering how to teach your offspring how to behave in a civilization, this resource can help!
By Jenn Cavanaugh
Bravey can be a very attractive and useful quality, and this resource encourages you to live into your braver self.
By Panel Review
One person really can make a difference, and Jimmy Wayne has chosen to be one in the lives of many homeless youth who is working to bring attention to their situation.
By Amy L. Lee
This is the story of great tragedy and great forgiveness.
By Amy L. Lee
We tend to be drawn to stories about animals, but especially those that give rise to a sense of optimism.
By Paul Asay
Utilizing the concepts of sentiment and commitment, this resource presents the facets of romantic relationships as they change wtih age.
By Kent Miller
In what is becoming a hook-up culture, this resource is timely in its effort to provide wisdom in waiting for a compatible mate.
By Kent Miller
Though written for married couples, Shannon Ethridge's works are good resources for ministers to have on hand.
By Kent Miller
Temptation is going to strike, but there is a way to break free of a sin pattern.
By Kent Miller
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