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Welcome to our youth ministry book section where you'll find previews and reviews of the latest books for youth pastors, as well as youth devotionals, resources for parents and more! 
Concise and targeted to specific audiences, Group's 99 Thoughts Series offers practical and accessible advice from the experts.
By Dan Istvanik
God calls us to His rest, and playing—re-creating—is how we do that. Recreation is, or at least can be, a form of worship.
By Todd Outcalt
What do football and faith have to do with each other? Apparently a lot when the coach and author is Kirk Cousins.
By Paul Turner
Sometimes connecting with God, that is prayer, takes on a different form than a traditional bended knew. Sometimes doodles and scribbles allow our hearts to connect with His.
By Jeff Crosby
How do we teach students to be satisfied with a life in Christ when they're inundated with marketing messages that tell them they'll only be satisfied if they keep buying more goods and status symbols.
By Jeff Tillson
Written in the bite-sized language of Twitter, this resource seeks to deliver wisdom and knowledge to youth workers in an easily digestible format.
By Tony Myles
Digital connectedness has done so much to change our world, the way we relate and how we communicate. Some of that's good, some bad. What are the implications for media in ministry?
By Jake Kircher
Designed for those who want to read, know a lot and spend minimal time in this endeavor, Barna Frames delivers the perfect package.
By Dan Istvanik
C.S. Lewis' imaginative literary work The Great Divorse is portrayed onstage in a wonderfully artistic creation by Fellowship for the Performing Arts, currently touring the country.
By Amy L. Lee
Spoken For assures young female readers they are not forgotten or forsaken but are deeply loved by their Prince.
By Amy L. Lee
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