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Welcome to our youth ministry book section where you'll find previews and reviews of the latest books for youth pastors, as well as youth devotionals, resources for parents and more! 
The Leaks offer healthy advice for beginning and maintaining healthy, thriving relationships.
By Amy L. Lee
This resource will be a great addition for your group's Bible studies.
By Joel Mayward
Once you make a commitment to God, you never know where it might take you.
By Todd Outcalt
If the title isn't offputting, the content still may not be what you're expecting.
By Jeff Tillson
Based on the miraculous in John's Gospel, this resource encourages us to look for miracles every day.
By Todd Outcalt
As a parent in the technology age, you have questions and concerns as to how to keep your children safe.
By Jeff Tillson
Families are dysfunctional because no one's perfect, but...
By Chase L. Durham
What is the streets, that is our culture, as where you are to go with the message of the cross?
By Jen Bradbury
Do you define success by the numbers?
By Jeff Tillson
Christians never were called to settle for ordinary...
By Jeff Tillson
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