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Welcome to our youth ministry book section where you'll find previews and reviews of the latest books for youth pastors, as well as youth devotionals, resources for parents and more! 
The tiny country of Israel is known for unrest, but what can we learn from its seven-year period of glory?
By Amy L. Lee
She was a typical girl, but not your average teenager when she made the decision to run for her life.
By Amy L. Lee
What happens to a town when the local high school football team experiences a spiritual awakening?
By Tony Myles
With so many stories in the media of teens, as well as younger children, thinking they've been assigned the wrong bodies, now is a good time for resources to help leaders and youth workers understand gender dysphoria.
By Kent Miller
Going beyond his earlier work, More than Just the Talk, author and speaker Jonathan McKee delivers a new resource in Sex Matters.
By Kent Miller
With divorce being as common among Christians as the other segments of society, this resource for newly single fathers offers biblical parenting advice.
By Chase L. Durham
There's a school of thought that instructs us to speak forth truth until we believe it in our hearts, and this resource follows that idea.
By Jeff Tillson
What do you do when God calls you away from your plans to follow His? There's really no option other than saying yes.
By Jen Bradbury
Not all mission endeavors are successful or fruitful, but what can we learn from a firsthand account of radical faith?
By Jen Bradbury
What's your perspective on youth ministry, and could there be other viewpoints to help you in ministering to your youth and their families?
By Todd Outcalt
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