Mini Movies

Reflective Youth Ministry Videos, Movies for Youth Groups, Worship Intros

  • $15.00

    change the room
    Ryan Emerick Media

    As Christ-followers, the Bible challenges us not to be changed by our environments, but to change every environment. A great opener for a message or small group discussion on relationships, holiness, or evangelism.

  • $19.99

    it starts with me

    There are lots of distractions and wrong turns that can land you “lost” in life. You are ultimately responsible for your journey, your health and your faith… no one else. Spiritual health begins with reflection on your route, where you are and where you’re headed.

  • $14.98

    psalm 136
    Red Meadow Creative

    Based on Psalm 136, this mini-movie is meant as a reminder of the great works of God and how thankful we should be towards him! Give thanks to the Lord for He is good!

  • $18.00

    The Veracity Project

    The Social Network movement has exploded. The stats are overwhelming. But, when all is said and done, are we really more connected, or are we losing the connection to what matters most?

  • $14.00

    check this out: pain
    The Veracity Project

    Pain and suffering in a world created by a good and loving God are difficult issues for some people to accept.

  • $18.00

    check this out- fossils
    The Veracity Project

    Is the fossil record "evidence" of evolution, or does a worldwide flood best explain it? Does evidence "speak for itself" or is it interpreted by people with different worldviews?

  • $9.98

    faith on a wire
    Dan Stevers

    A story about a tightrope walker and simple question, “Do you really believe?” A classic illustration about the difference between belief and faith.

  • $19.98

    labor day thanks
    Centerline New Media

    Based on Colossians 3:23, use this upbeat mini-movie to honor all those who work diligently in their day to day lives, honoring God with their integrity, kindness, and commitment. Great for Labor Day.

  • $12.00

    twelve:thirty media

    Everyone wants to be known. Many people use social media to present themselves different than they really are. Though we can try and fool others, we cannot fool God. He knows us inside and out. Perfect to use as a service opener, sermon bumper or transitional element in your worship services.

  • $18.00

    Adoption Media

    In a world of social media with Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram; following is the new thing to do. But following Jesus is more than this superficial connecting that we hide behind. To follow Jesus is a lifelong journey. Use this thought provoking mini-movie as a sermon starter or intro to get people thinking about what they follow and how following Jesus may be different. It is a great reminder of how our perception of following needs to match the Biblical definition and not the worlds.

  • $18.00

    jesus loves
    RamFaith Films

    RamFaith Films presents a stop motion animation to illustrate the inclusiveness of God’s love. The words of JFK and Pastor Tim Lucas of Liquid Church in New Jersey drive this message of equality.

  • $20.00

    Dan Stevers

    A modern day psalm of grief and loss. Includes an alternate version without “Cocoon” title at the beginning.

  • $15.00

    i have overcome the world
    Motion Worship

    This short film depicts the anxiety and hurry of life with motion time lapse footage of people and traffic in a variety of settings. We hear the voice of God, who sees his children in their stressful and busy lives. Halfway through, everything slows down, and we hear constant scripture verses (Psalms, Proverbs, Colossians, Romans) about God's provision, protection, and love, with a call to be still and depend on him. The film's title and ending are based on John 16.

  • $12.00

    fools gold
    twelve:thirty media

    In a culture that is bankrupt on wisdom, we must do the hard work of digging deep for the truth of God. Perfect to use as a service opener, sermon bumper or transitional element in your worship services.

  • $18.98

    a father's strength
    Floodgate Productions

    The strength of a Father is seen in his open arms. Offer the dads in your church a blessing for them to openly receive.