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    only one worship intro
    Motion Worship

    This epic worship introduction mini-movie is essentially a song of praise for our awesome God. It features a massive variety of stylish abstract artwork, bold titles declaring God's attributes and love, all timed to a modern dubstep soundtrack. A powerful way to create energy for any service, sermon or event!

  • $19.99

    who i am in christ
    Freebridge Media

    How often do we forget our identity in Christ? In moments of weakness do we forget where our strength comes from? When we feel alone do we forget we are loved beyond measure? As Christians, we are new creatures! Sin and death no longer enslave us. We have gone from bound to free, death to life…forgotten to forgiven!

  • $19.99

    thanks only takes a moment
    Journey Box Media

    Thanksgiving Day is only once a year, but thankfulness is something we can cultivate every moment of every day if we are intentional about it. This sermon illustration is perfect for Thanksgiving services, or any sermon that focuses on gratitude.

  • $20.00

    god with us
    Igniter Media

    Two thousand years ago, God came to dwell among us. Experience the moments leading up to Christ's birth in a way that makes the Christmas story, frozen in time, more real today.

  • $20.00

    the christmas volunteers
    Igniter Media

    What would it look like to search for volunteers to be the parents of Jesus? Surely there would be plenty of interest, but, knowing the cost, would anyone sign up? Thankfully, God had a plan.

  • $20.00

    the gospel colors
    Igniter Media

    Colors have been used to explain the Gospel before, but not like this. The Gospel Colors is a simple look at what the Gospel is and what it means for us who have heard it.

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    James Grocho

    This video talk about how most people go through life never discovering their true potential. If we just give God our weakness he will give us His strength. You can do all things through Christ who strengthens you.

  • $15.00

    beyond the selfie
    Ryan Emerick Media

    The selfie––capturing a photo of yourself––is a part of our culture. But, while we are busy looking at ourselves, what are we missing? What opportunities could we see; what impact could we make, if we looked beyond the selfie? A great opener for a sermon on selflessness, identity, or outreach.

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    are you ready worship intro
    Motion Worship

    Great as an opener for services, youth events and conferences, this high energy worship introduction mini-movie is perfect to gather & prepare people to praise God with passion! Features vibrant silhouettes of worshipers with hands raised, shouting and singing praises to our King. Bold chrome text is surrounded by colorful particles and triangles, creating an energetic atmosphere. Let’s get ready to worship!

  • $9.98

    for god so loved the world

    This amazing mini-movie shows us the beauty, simplicity, and power of John 3:16.

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    fearless worship intro
    Centerline New Media

    What are you afraid of? What is holding you back? Jesus has taken your sin at the cross and conquered death. Christ is risen! Death is no longer the end!

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    the courage to pray
    Smith House Productions

    Sometimes the lack of prayer in our lives is related to an absence of courage to believe God actually listens and WANTS to move in our lives.

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    all in
    Connect The Dots

    This short video asks the question what is holding you back and keeping you from going all in?

  • $20.00

    ransom (jesus paid it all)

    We were once lost and trapped in sin. Then, Jesus came and rescued us! This video is based off of Matthew 20:28 and ties into songs like "Jesus Paid It All," "Nothing but the Blood," "You Alone Can Rescue," and "How Deep the Father's Love for Us."

  • $15.00

    following jesus
    Fresh Purpose Productions

    This video takes a look at what it might look like to follow Jesus in our every day lives.