What you need: a swimming noddle, bases, a whiffle ball, water hose.

Here’s a fun summer game that not only will engage your teens but cool them off on a hot summer day. Play the game as you would softball, but instead of using a bat use a swimming pool noodle as the substitute.

Hint: the longer and more pliable the noodle, the more difficult it is to hit the whiffle ball. The run to first base also can be used to cool down as a sprinkler head or a volunteer can be used to spray the first base line.

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Todd Outcalt is the lead pastor of Calvary United Methodist Church in Brownsburg, Indiana and is a thirty-year youth ministry veteran. He is the author of twenty-five books in six languages, including the youth ministry titles: $5 Youth Ministry (Group); Last-Minute Meetings (Abingdon); Ready to Go Youth Meetings (Abingdon); and The Youth Ministry Encyclopedia (Kindle).

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